Fiona Rowett

Fiona Ewan Rowett (1948 - )

• Graduated at Michaelis School of Art – 1971

• Associate of the Watercolour Society of South Africa – 1991

• Fellow of the Watercolour Society of South Africa – 1994

• 1st Prize – Grand Prix Exhibition – 1996

• Over 30 solo exhibitions

• Represented by galleries in Johannesburg and the Cape, South Africa

Growing up in Grahamstown, and daughter of “Chinky” Ewan, a lecturer at Rhodes

University and subsequently a well- known watercolourist, led me in time to focus on

watercolour as my main medium. Moving to acrylics, a more versatile medium, was a

natural progression.

Married with three children our family spent three idyllic years in Swaziland enjoying the

wide open spaces and beautiful landscape. This ended when we settled in Johannesburg

for the following 15 years.

That was when sales of paintings became more important to help with the increased needs

of our growing family. Starting at Zoo Lake artist’s market and finally being noticed by

galleries as well as developing a most successful relationship with a wholesale art dealer

in Florida, the most successful and productive decade followed.

Over my 40 years of painting I’ve used various symbols to convey an emotion or hint at an

idea. It’s been interesting to see how these symbols have evolved over the years, and are

still being re-visited from time to time, e.g. – the pot or bowl shape – a symbol of home/

security. (after moving house several times in close succession.) Letters were used after

reading my mother’s journals – this produced the ‘Secret’ series. I sometimes combine

them with the pot symbol as so much of life revolves around conversations at meal times.

Now, in my 71st year I’m more interested in conveying emotion using abstract mark-making

alone – a more challenging and difficult task, but very rewarding when the balance is


Fiona Rowett

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