Chloe Obermeyer

"I am a visual artist who currently divides production between my hometown of George and Cape Town. I graduated with a BA(FA) from Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town in 2014.

My artistic practice is primarily interested in nature and the natural world. I am intrigued by nature’s ability to perplex scientific conclusions and its tendency to inspire human imagination and fiction.This outlook was sparked during my graduate research,  which was focused on creating an exhibition inspired by the serendipitous discovery of coelacanths in Southern African waters. Currently, my works have become a means of navigating my interest in Southern Africa’s oceans.I often touch on ideas surrounding scientific discovery, wonder and environmental concern.


The mediums I work with involve capturing an image via the use of light sensitive surfaces that are exposed to sunlight or a UV exposure unit. These surfaces may be bought photographic papers or chemicals that I mix myself before applying them to a chosen surface such as paper. These processes fall under the category of alternative photography.The medium/process that I explore mostly is cyanotype. Using what I have at my disposal, my works often evolve and materialize from man-made and organic debris and matter that I collect within in my surroundings. I am a collector and have amassed a plethora of articles, books and online resources which aid in my creative process."


Chloe Obermeyer

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