Grace Cross

Grace Cross (b. Harare, Zimbabwe 1988) is a material painter who draws symbols about motherhood, home, belief structures, and land; making shifting recipe’s rooted in history, performative archaeology and African cosmology, to reflect her cultural transmission across national boundaries. Her childhood and young adulthood was spent between continents; she was brought up in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Greece, India and the USA. Her diverse upbringing informs her painting practice, where she fuses cultural storytelling, and spirituality to perforate boundaries of motherhood.

She completed her MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she was a grant recipient from the Ecological department of the University of Illinois. She holds a BAHons in English Literature from the University of Cape Town, and a BFA from Michaelis School of Fine Art, where she was awarded the Judy Steiner Painting Prize. She has had five solo exhibitions and has participated in many group shows both locally and internationally. She has works in the collections of the Spier Arts Trust and the University of Cape Town among others. She is a grant recipient from the National Arts Council of South Africa and from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at First Floor Gallery in Harare in November 2022.

Cross lives and works in Cape Town as a practicing mother and artist.

1988 -