Gretchen Crots

Born on 24th March 1995 in Kroonstad in the Free state. Moved to Parys at the age of 6 and matriculated at Parys High school in 2013. Studied BA Graphic Design at NWU Pukke, Potchefstroom campus- graduated in 2020.

Having a mother who is a full time ceramic artist meant always having clay and ceramics readily available growing up. I’ve always had my hands in clay when I grew up, but only started finding my own style and voice in my art during high school. Throughout University I have made various works for small exhibitions and entered a ceramic work into the Sasol New Signatures competition in 2017, where I was one of the 7 finalists and merit award winners. In 2018 I entered the competition again and wound up having my ceramic piece showcased among the top 100 artists whose work was exhibited at the Pretoria Art museum.

After graduating, I have become a full time ceramic artist. Now residing in Parys, I have had ceramic works exhibited in various group exhibitions- including at SMAC Gallery, Haas Collective, Saronsberg Kunsteater and Grande Provence.

My work mainly consists of a contemporary take on age old motifs found on antique porcelain and ceramics- such as the Willow pattern and Dutch delft. Dark humour and cultural/societal references are paired with intricate reimagined floral designs or the new age take on delft or the Willow pattern. I am often inspired by South African history, cultural objects, nature and current societal affairs, which can more often than not be found in my work.