Griet van der Meulen

The artist was born in 1956 in the province of Mpumalanga, where she has a small gallery in Graskop, mainly to serve as a platform for local artists , who otherwise would not have the opportunity to exhibit their work. The artist has a mentorship program at the gallery for promising African artists giving them guidance and opportunities to exhibit at the gallery. The artist has taken part in many local and overseas exhibitions in Canada and Germany. Her own work is on permanent exhibition in the Graskop Gallery. Formal training 2012/2013- The artist is currently enrolled for a Masters degree in Fine arts at the University of South Africa. 2002-The artists has received an Honours degree in Fine Arts at the University of South Africa. 1979-The artist has a BA degree in Afrikaans Literature and History of Art from the University of Pretoria. 1980-She obtained a Post graduate Diploma in Museum Sciences at the university of Pretoria. 1991-The Artist completed a Fine Arts Diploma at the University Technology Pretoria. Awards. 1991 Schweikerdt prize for excellence in painting at the University of technology. 2001 Residency Dortmund Germany sponsored by Mpumalanga Government and German Frauen Kunstforum. Informal training. 2000-Ruth Prowse School of Art Cape Town. 2000-Ottawa School of Art Ottawa Canada. 3 Exhibitions. The artist has exhibited work extensively in various locations in South Africa and overseas. Collections. The artist’s work is in various private collections in South Africa, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Korea, Holland and Belgium. Public collections. Her works is in the collection of the Government of Mpumalanga, and is on permanent exhibition in the Government buildings of Mpumalanga in Newsprint . The artist received a commission from the National Capital Commission of Canada to paint a series of murals exhibited on Confederation Square Ottawa Canada. Residencies. Griet van der Meulen did a 2 months residency in Germany, sponsored by the Mpumalanga Government and the German Frauen.