Jennifer de Charmoy

Jennifer de Charmoy is an award-winning ceramicist (Ceramics South Africa) and has participated in a number of local exhibitions. Her work can be seen publications, in homes and in hospitality spaces both locally and abroad.

Twenty-five years of clay experience, with forays into the worlds of teaching, textile design/ printing and interior design, have broadened and enriched her process. She collaborates with design companies for commissioned projects and products. n

My work is hand built and fired in a kiln in my studio in central Cape Town.  In making my clay works: vessels, sculptures, and hand-hewn functional pieces, I aim to give to the viewer an experience of the material used: qualities of tactility through texture, a sense of permanence in the forms. My pieces will stimulate your imagination as you recall familiar historical shapes , pushed beyond boundaries so as to belong in the present.”

Nationality: South African