Kate Schärf

 Kate Schärf was born in Natal in 1993 and currently lives and works in Tulbagh, a small farming town in the Western Cape. She has a fascination with plants, their construction, tonality and complexity. Here, she draws inspiration from farming practices and gardens.

Kate works in a variety of media, although charcoal is her favourite medium. In the creation of her ‘foliagescapes’, Kate attempts to immerse the viewer in the work, resting on areas of detail, in an inter-play of dark and light. Her subject matter invites the contemplation of a more natural world, peace and fulfilment; these are the thoughts that occupy her while in the process of drawing.

Kate holds a Master’s degree in Visual Art from the University of Stellenbosch, which she obtained in December 2021.  

1993 -
Nationality: South African