Kufa Makwavarara

Kufa Makwavara was born and raised in the Glen Noray township in Harare, Zimbabwe.  He completed his studies at the Zimbabwean National Gallery's Visual Arts Studio in 2003 and is currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa.

Inspired by nature, cureent events, personal experiences, everyday life and the different cultures he comes into contact with, his paintings are varied and diverse in concept.  Kufa sttended church growing up an will sometimes use quotes from the Bible in his work.

In 2002 he particpated in an exhibition sponsored by the Embassy of Germany in Zimbabwe, winning first prize for the painting 'Tarisiro' (Looking Forward To).  Through the years Kufa has particpated in a number of group exhibitions, mainly in Zimbabwe, including an exhibition sponsored by the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Zimbabwe in 2013.

Artworks of his are included in a permanent collection of the Zimbabwe National Gallery.

Kufa particpated in 'Frieze' at RK Contemporary in 2018.