Lauren Shantall

Lauren Shantall currently works in acrylics on canvas. The subjects of her paintings oscillate between domestic life and the natural world beyond her home.

Born in Durban, South Africa in 1973, Lauren currently resides permanently in Cape Town, South Africa and has done so since completing her postgraduate studies in English at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1995. She works full-time in communications and is the director of a multiple award-winning agency Scout PR & Social Media. She devotes time to furthering her painting practice when she can, amongst her various commitments to work and family. She lives with her husband and their son, four dogs and a cat.

Lauren took art as a main subject in high school, where she was jointly awarded the Carmel College Art Prize in her final year. Upon matriculation, a scholarship to study English Literature directed her career path. She pursued her art studies outside of tertiary institutions. Over the years, she has taken live drawing classes with Clare Menck, painting classes with Diana Page, and joined a regular painting group with friends. Since September 2018, she has been taking creativity classes with artist and curator, Sue Kaplan.

She has participated in the following art exhibitions:

  1. In A Frame. Spin St Gallery. May 2019.

  2. Eat, Sleep, (I can't) Breathe. July 2020.

  3. Relief. September 2020.

  4. Colectiva. Galeria Azur Madrid. October 2020.