Laurinda Belcher

 Laurinda Belcher (b.1987) is a self-taught abstract painter with a background in early childhood development and interest in psychology and folklore. Her practice is inspired by the playful nature of her inner child and explores the ways in which early childhood experiences and trauma shape an adult understanding and experience of the world. This imbues her work with both a whimsical and dark nature. Shapes, colours and line emerge like archaeological findings in the picture planes, feeding into the narrative nature of her work and tapping into the covert human psyche.

The artist describes her works to be like little stories with hidden elements which emerge from intentionally engaging in a intuitive art practice. These elements also allude to ordinary domestic objects and through their stillness suggest a shift in perspective: as within the seemingly mundane a private world resides.

Belcher was the October 2018 featured artist on Unsung online magazine and has collaborated with the Cape Orchid Society and The Ladybird Project, a Government Educational programme. Her work is represented by Untitled Art and is currently featured in multiple group shows in Cape Town and Stellenbosch, South Africa.

She lives and works in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa with her Partner Zian and their cat Luna.

1987 -
Nationality: South African