Rick Baloyi

I was born in Tshivhuyuni, Limpopo. I finished my secondary education at lishavhana secondary school in 2017. From then I started practicing art full-time. I started drawing in early childhood, improving my drawing skills over the years. I honed my skills even further, learning to use different mediums such as painting and lino cut printing. I am currently studying visual art at the university of Johannesburg. In 2018, I came first in the STAEDTLER African Art Competition. I exhibited my work at RMB|Turbine Art Fair with Talent unlocked in 2019 and in 2020.

Artist Statement

When people look at villages, the first thing that comes into mind is the poverty and how underdeveloped they are and that is how they are usually idealized. In my works I aim to show the beauty of village life, the culture and tradition through my portraits. These portraits depict people from villages doing their daily activities. The representation of these activities aim to defeat the idea of always seeing Africa as a place of struggle. When making these portraits I looked at my background, how I was raised and my experience in my home village.