Rix Wellmann

"I grew up in Natal but have spent most of my adult life in the Western Cape. I now reside with my family in a beautiful spot called Rooi Els. It is a place that fills my soul and inspires me endlessly.

I have lived an interesting & adventurous life thus far, never wavering in the knowledge that I shall follow the artist’s path. I have created, painted, sketched and sculpted unabatedly on this journey.

Pictures have always come into my head and once time has matured them, I have to, without any negotiation and with absolute compulsion, create them into the appropriate visual form. I am drawn to the art of play as a means for generating an artwork and my approach is characteristically explorative and expressive.

I love magic realism and aspire to evoke the unique storyteller in everybody that views my art. Colour enthralls me and I love the process of making one colour dance alongside or underneath the other. I draw my inspiration from nature’s energy and from the magic that every day has the potential to reveal."

Nationality: South African