Sebastiaan Theart

" I grew up in  a small town at the northern border of Namibia, called Rundu. From an early age I struggled with concentrating for long extended periods and being and introvert, I kept myself busy drawing from as early as I could remember, as means to learning and obtaining  information. I found interest in anything and everything around me. Nature and evething  it contains always had a profound impact on me, and I sketched it. I have become known in school for always  having  a sketchbook and a pencil under my arm. I finished high school in Paarl Boys High in 2007. Since then I continued to train myself in the arts by repetitiously practicing all forms in style as well as genres in art, with a keen interest in nature  and human anatomy . My inspiration derive from the classical periods to the golden age of illustration.  

Today I have one leg in commercial art and the other in more personal fine art. I have works hanging in  private collections around the world. I have sold complete sketchbooks to private collectors. I have participated in numerous group exhibitions and sold most of my work straight from the easel. I have done book cover art as well as pen and ink illustrations. I work with all mediums available for the complete artistic experience. Oil paints, charcoal, pen and ink and watercolors. Please follow me on Instagram for more of my works and progress'