Simone Marinus

Simone Marinus (b. 1985) is a South African visual artist who has taken up painting full time since 2020. She graduated from the University of Pretoria’s Fine Art Department with a distinction in studio work in 2007, after which she pursued a career as photographer and completed a second degree within the field of Theology. Her work is most often characterized by disfigured and contorted portraits and figures in abstracted landscapes, applied in thick layers of oil paint on canvas and paper. Her process engages subconscious material and holds space for the artist to work through that which may otherwise evade her daily life. In turn, reflecting and addressing the humanitarian role of the arts.

Most recently Marinus’ work explores the artists’ inner world in a deeper and more conscious manner as she revists her own childhood rememberings and vulnerability. She describes this space as an unguarded state which allows her to turn towards herself as a young child, and through connecting and listening, is able to offer the grace and understanding which might’ve been missing. This process of reconciliation has offered a change in perspective of the artists’ own role as a mother.

Marinus has been actively engaged in taking part in various group shows around Cape Town over the past two years and currently lives and works in Somerset West, Western Cape with her husband and two daughters.

1985 -
Nationality: South African