Vusi Beauchamp

I would describe myself as being an artist, multimedia designer, art director. For the last 12 years I  have created artworks by means of painting, spray‐paint and stencils to comment on social issues  and on the politicians and events that make up the South African social landscape. More recently  i  have used silk‐screening in order to bring the content of the work (that is, critical observation of  people and events) closer to a 'media' based technique. These works are the artistic version of  satirical journalism and social critique, often controversial. Humour is an important ingredient, and  in plays, comic book genre, paintings, and prints the artist does not attempt only to lampoon local  personages, but seeks simultaneously to depict their stereotyping by the media. This dual vision (of  looking at events both from the 'inside' and the 'outside') reflects the way in which perception is  shaped by the media and subsequently becomes reality, and affords the viewer a glimpse of  contemporary local politics as welf as lived experience in the urban jungle.

Selected Solo Exhibitions             

2020 99 loop Gallery, Cape Town               

2019 Paradyse of the Damned ,Borderline art Space, Romania               

2018 Paradyse of the Damned, Johannesburg Art Gallery               

2017 Welcome to Banania, World Art Gallery     

2016 Th e Great Grotesque Woordfees, Stellenbosch     

2016 Terrorist, Kalashnikovv Gallery. 

2015 Paradyse of the Damned, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.   

2009 smokin cheese, Obert Contemporary, Johannesburg

Selected Group Exhibitions   

2016 The Gallery at Glen Carlou Wine Estate, Cape Town.     

2016 Scramble for Africa, Kalashnikovv Gallery Berlin.     

2015 Protest, Hazard Gallery, Johanesburg     

2015 Fetish, Art Ec     

2014‐2015Twenty Contemporary Art from South Africa, North America     


2013 http://www.goodman‐

Selected Collectors                   

Pretoria Art Museum (South Africa)                   

Gervanne & Matthias Leridon Collection (France)