Zyma Amien

BVA Unisa, MVA Michaelis School of Find Art (both Cum Laude), Winner PPC Re-Imagine Award (2021), Winner Sasol New Signatures award (2016), Artist and lecturer, UNISA and UCT.

Zyma' Amien's work is rooted in the garment industry where she examines specifically the alienation that workers endure.  The aim of manufacture is to produce a required amount of garments within a certain time frame.  Workers repeatedly sew the same part of the garment.  Workers are further alienated from the garment they created because they create items they cannot afford.  They work in close proximity of each other, but remain alienated within their space and the deafening sound of the sewing machines.  Zyma's work is created doing Rotoscoping - a conceptually linked technique that involves making repetitive marks over the live video and them seaming it together.