Look me in the eye

May 02, 2021 - May 30, 2021

A post prohibition group exhibition toasting your good health.

Clinking glasses is a custom as old as wine itself.  Superstitions around this practice vary from the serious to the comical.  We all know what happens if you break eye contact during a toast.....

Ade Kipades    Grace Kotze    Fanie Buys    Gina Niederhumer    Candice Dawn B    Kim Black    Ydi Carstens    Madelein Marincowitz    Solly Smook    Lori Schappe-Youens        Marli Steyl    Nicole Pletts    Sharon Bischoff    Jessica Michelle le Roux    Adele Potgieter    Sebastiaan Theart    Richie Marley    Karen Wykerd    Leila  Fanner