Centrally situated on the square in the popular town of Riebeek Kasteel, RK Contemporary opened its doors in August 2017 and specialises in high-end collectible contemporary artworks produced by local and internationally renowned artists, as well as lesser-known, emerging artists.

The picturesque Riebeek Kasteel, which for years has been synonymous with wine and olives, is fast becoming a settlement for artists. RK Contemporary has therefore chosen to create a platform where many local (and otherwise) artists can exhibit thought-provoking, conceptual art.

The collections of artworks housed within RK Contemporary are carefully curated and presented to the public in a series of meticulously planned exhibitions throughout the year to ensure a steady flow of high-quality visual experiences, right here on the Swartland's doorstep.


Who's Who



With 8 years experience in the art industry, I aim to personally manage the day to day operations, selection and curation of artwork.



Advisor to Astrid - working together creatively! Also responsible for much of the IT, Mailings and general admin at the gallery.


“RK Contemporary bridges the gap that exists between contemporary art and it's audience – creating an understanding of how today's visual arts express the social, cultural and environmental issues in our changing world.”

RK Contemporary is dedicated to offering the gallery as a non-commercial project space for experimental ventures by established and emerging artists.  We encourage partnerships between educators and artists and welcome proposals from creative individuals or groups to present fresh ideas of contemporary work.

"What society deems important is enshrined in its art." - Harry S. Broudy