Ade Kipades


Ade Kipades (1966 -) is an accomplished artist with a career spanning over three decades of experimental art making. He holds a National Diploma in Graphic Design, which laid the foundation for his diverse artistic journey encompassing commercial illustration, expressive fine art drawing, ceramics, and sculpture.

Ade spent a decade living and working in Europe, where he immersed himself in experimental ceramics and painting. This period profoundly influenced his artistic expression, leading to collaborative exhibitions at prestigious events such as the International Ceramics Fair in Florence and the Venice Biennale.

His work has earned places in private and corporate collections worldwide and continues to inspire art enthusiasts worldwide.

Ade Kipades currently resides and works in Riebeek West.


My artistic practice centres on introspection and capturing the essence of ordinary moments and their emotional resonance. I employ a spontaneous and intuitive approach to explore the interplay of line and colour, using various mediums as vessels to convey the multifaceted nuances of my emotions.

From 2010 to 2023, my abstract work has been profoundly influenced by a wide range of modern and contemporary European and American abstract artists. Their diverse works and philosophical approaches to art-making have fuelled my creativity, allowing me to delve deeper into the exploration of abstract forms and concepts.

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