Brünn Kramer

Born in Steytlerville amidst the Karoo and graduated with Cum Laude in Fine Arts for both his Diploma and B-tech at Nelson Mandela University. He is now studying for his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts Curatorship at Rhodes University. Brünn participated in various group exhibitions across Port Elizabeth and was one of the top 100 finalists in Sasol New Signatures 2016 and 2017.

His work primarily focuses on portraiture and watercolour paintings. Coming from a rural town where the vast life of the city proved hard to adapt to and oddities such as prostitutes, beggars and ex-prisoners, triggered his interest in outcasts. Brunn’s work thus focuses on visually communicating ex-prisoners humanness through the use of contemporary portraiture in attempt to reintegrate marginalized groups into society. to connect with these ‘outcasts’ and expressed their ‘humanness’ through the means of contemporary art.