Eugene Hayman

After finishing his studies in psychology at the University of Stellenbosch, (with the aim to go into post-grad journalism as words were his first love), Eugene somehow luckily stumbled into design instead and went on to study multimedia and art direction. Following a two-year sojourn in London, he worked at various international design agencies as graphic designer and art director and also lectured in multimedia design.

He took up painting again during Covid lockdown after years of not touching a paintbrush. He loves working with oils on board/canvas, and block printing ink and pencils on paper in a light and loose gestural fashion.

As a result of his continuing interest in psychology, Eugene leans towards exploring freeform and intuitive painting and drawing as a conduit for channelling the subconscious inner landscape visually. Other themes surfacing in his work include the transient nature of moments, movement, contradiction and outsiderness. 

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