Gordon Williams

Cape Town born Gordon Williams’ paintings are a unique combination of Expressionism and Impressionism. Largely self-taught, in 2012 he devoted himself full time to painting.  His medium is mainly acrylic on canvas or charcoal on paper.  Gordon works from his self-built home & studio in Riebeek Kasteel or en plein air in the rugged landscape of the Swartland region. 


His forays into landscape painting moved onto depicting colourful bold & vivid still life arrangements often including furniture that he has made.  He uses only white and the three process printing colours, (magenta, cyan & yellow) to create his paintings. 


Gordon’s artistic talent was initially nurtured under Henry Symonds at Rondebosch Boys High School and his inspiration comes from a lifetime of appreciating objects of beauty and a love of nature. To date he has had seven solo exhibitions and been included in a further eight group exhibitions. 


1965 -
Residence: Riebeek Kasteel
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