Jacky Lloyd

Jacky Lloyd grew up in Johannesburg. A 4 year BA degree in Jewellery Design at University of Stellenbosch was followed by a professional career as a studio jeweller in Cape Town.

In 2005, Jacky began sculpting in stone, which has become her primary art making practice. She achieved immediate recognition when her works were selected for Spier Contemporary 2007 and Spier Contemporary 2010 exhibitions. Two of these works were purchased for the Hollard Contemporary Art Collection.

In 2017 she moved to Riebeek Kasteel where she built herself a sculpture studio. Working in bas-relief and 3-D format, she carves from Carrara ‘statuario’ marble and fine-grained sandstone, with occasional inclusion of found objects. Lloyd’s themes include South African narratives around multicultural influences, the potentials and limitations within a transitional society.

Her current work focuses on portraits of real South African middle aged women whose achievements have accumulated into impressive professional expertise. This relatively new phenomenon for women is presented in bas-relief, a format historically celebrating male narratives of conquest and memorial. Clothing as a form of identity is layered with the Classical Greek method of defining form through drapery. These are portraits of current day heroes.