Juanita Oosthuizen

“Years ago at the Tate Modern in London I came across a tiny painting in a huge hall with a little silhouette as the subject. It made such an impression on me, I think it triggered my passion for this style,” says artist Juanita Oosthuizen.

It inspired her to come up with creative ways to incorporate figurines into pieces of art. Juanita works mainly in shades of grey, black and white, with a few works featuring a pop of red. As a fan of minimalism, her work often features small people made in a silicone mould and placed in a carefully planned scenario fashioned from board and paper. This is mounted in a box frame to create a 3D environment.

“I began working with paper because it’s versatile. You can sculpt, form and weave with it. There are many possibilities for application and texture,” she says.

Her work varies from playful to serious and emotional, with the subject matter telling a story through the body language or interaction of her figurines.