Michaela Rinaldi

Michaela is a contemporary artist known for her boldness of stroke and colour, She is a true colourist. Abstract - figurative is often used to describe her style.

In 2010 she quit her job in corporate sales and days later bought her first canvas. Without looking back, she forged a life for herself as an artist.

She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally . Her artworks sit in homes all around the world.

Each title hints at different and deeper flavours of the human psyche. The essence of abandonment, isolation, dependencies and patterns that we all experience. The work transfixes you with its layers, revealing more and more upon further inspection and connecting you to the depth of your own story.

Bright colours often dominate. Elongated figures, alone or in groups, depict mood. Even abstract vessels suggest more human-like qualities and personalities. There are stories within stories, colour blocks, windows and doors. Figures running away and figures returning, standing tall and shrinking away…these are common themes running through Michaela’s work.

Self-taught, she plays freely with mixed-media. Gold leaf and charcoal capture the essence of the works while Acrylics help her to convey moods without pause.

The richness of feeling in each work can be attributed to Michaela’s process. She paints without formula or planning, directly from her gut onto canvas. Her craft is her voice. 

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