November 03, 2019 - November 24, 2019

Artists are invited to submit 5/6 two-dimensional paintings for consideration that explore the visual and social significance of abandonment. Delve into the beauty of the absent and the intrigue of the neglected, discarded and deserted.


"The subject of my work is mainly concerned with a specific time and place in the South African Platteland and the decay and abandonment thereof. By painting these scenes I want to capture their essence, stripped of all pride. I like to document these man made structures and the way nature reclaims it. I find beauty in the decay. It's almost as if it mirrors our own inner landscape and feelings of loneliness and abandonment, disillusionment. I think it reminds us of our own transcience and the brutality of time."


"I find intrigue in the duality that lies between the inside and outside spaces and places we inhabit. I took inspiration from scenes abandoned by human presence, depicting places I've travelled to and contrasted with everyday bedroom scenes. The distinction between what is sacred and the everyday is broken down."


"I work with found 8mm film that I have collected from second hand shops and over the years. The actual abandoned nature of the film footage started my exploration into the memories we choose to abandon as opposed to the ones we keep. And on a more personal note, which parts of the social belief systems from our cultural heritage we choose to abandon. Belief systems concerned with religion, masculinity, gender and environment.


“I use the Landscape as a Metaphor. My work explores the complexity of the terrain in ways that challenge the viewers' own boundaries. These landscapes hold within them aspects other than pure nature - the panorama is composed of elements that bear witness to change and evolution "