The Distance Between

June 02, 2024 - June 30, 2024

RK Contemporary, 32 Main Street Riebeek Kasteel

In the realm of artistic expression, there exist pockets in the world where creators converge, where the interplay between life and art seamlessly merges into visual masterpieces. These sanctuaries, such as Riebeek Kasteel and Kommetjie, serve as havens for a diverse array of creatives—artists, musicians, poets, chefs, and artisans—who thrive in tranquil, aesthetically pleasing environments that nurture their creative spirits.

Separated by approximately 120 kilometers and spanning a variety of landscapes from the coast to the inland, these two locales are interconnected by a metaphorical pulse of creativity. Describing their physical beauty without acknowledging the profound spiritual resonance of these places would be incomplete. Some describe these locations as "thin places," where the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms becomes almost transparent, allowing for a transformative shift in how we perceive the world.

In celebrating these exquisite environments and the idea of their aesthetic perfection, we must also acknowledge the contrast—the existence of places marked by hardship and life on the fringes. Yet, the essence of a thin place underscores the healing power of nature, offering a space where one can enter a liminal state brimming with possibilities.

This exhibition emerges from a concentrated community of artists who distill the essence of their surroundings into their work. Continually inspired and fortunate enough to form a tightly knit creative community within Kommetjie, they present a collective testament to the enduring influence of their extraordinary environment.