The Sea, Angels & Bearded Ladies

28 Apr 2019 - 19 May 2019

When I paint I feel at home. In the studio and in the work. I start and wait for mysteries and meanings to appear. Always surprised and in wonderment.

The work is about being in my body and not knowing what it is like to be the other. It is about solitude. Sometimes the images I create let me in. Then I am in  the work. The work becomes the body.

I am always at sea.  Between two shores.  Between the painting and my existence.  I am not afraid.

In my skin, seperate from you

a membrane of paper

light and dark

archaeological sites




fragile infinities

beginnings and endings

a love song


breath of air

paper quivering

ink stains silently growing

slowly moving

like weather


departures and fullstops.....

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