Vessel - wood, paper, clay

November 08, 2020 - November 30, 2020

An exhibition of works by Laurel Holmes, Lisa Ringwood and Paul Kristafor.

The concept of ‘vessel’ represents a profoundly feminine idea.  Our planet earth (usually described as female) is ultimately a living vessel where the birth/death/rebirth cycle is enduring, and embodies the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of all life.

The vessel is a metaphor of interior and exterior, of containment, of transport, of usually liquid substance.  It is a universal and personal image, where containers are objects that are ordinary daily items, yet can be sacred too depending on the attachment of the role placed on them.

These three artists use their chosen medium to develop unique treasures that embody a deep love for and connection to the natural world and the environs around them. The works on this exhibition represents the intimate relationship that each artist has with their material, and have developed over the years with this medium, their ideas and the form they take. The intention is not to reproduce or replicate and the result is that the artists abstract and translate their response to their material and environs into a tangible, evocative object.

Using salvaged timber, Paul Kristafor makes delicate sculptural and functional wood bowls. The ceramic vases, bowls and plates by Lisa Ringwood, are built slowly by hand, coiling and pinching the clay as well as using slab moulds for the plates and platters. This hand building adds vitality and charm to the work and gives each piece its own individual, unique character. Here, the circular form is powerful in its representation of the never-ending journey of eternity. Laurel Holmes’ works are drawn from a strong attachment to the land; its sense of place and the life it supports. In this exhibition, she uses paper as her modality of expression.