April 07, 2024 - April 28, 2024

RK Contemporary, 32 Main Street Riebeek Kasteel

A mixed media exhibition of paintings and drawings inspired by nature. The exhibition explores the musings, contemplations and adventures in nature. ‘Out There’ involves movement and action which takes the viewer willingly or unwillingly from the known into the unknown outback/spaces of the wilderness and might capture the notion of something external, distant, unfamiliar or beyond the current scope of understanding. In these wild open spaces one crosses a boundary where a merging happens between the explorer(dreamer) and the terrain/field of exploration. ‘Out There’ one meets rock, fire, fox, river, skin, bark and bone. The works are a reflection of outer and inner journeys, beginnings and endings, arrivals and departures. Nan Shepherd in her book ‘Living Mountain’ suggests that we walk ‘into’ rather than up mountains which suggests that as much as entering nature is an outward journey one also travels inwards into one's own known and unknown interior to meet and cross the edges of the Self of one's own wild nature. ‘Out there’ the world opens a secret doorway where one learns the true form, rhythm and order of nature which has the profound ability to reshape our understanding of ourselves and of our own interior landscape.

Greta McMahon  |  Thelma Mort


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