October 09, 2022 - October 30, 2022

32 Main Street, Riebeeck Kasteel, South Africa

May the darkness of the night

Be a womb

For remembering

And letting go

As you feel your way to

The chord

Beckoning you to

Come closer and listen

Written word by Emma Aspeling, participating artist and curator.

This exhibition navigates abstraction, or the distortion of representation, through the collapse of space, time and matter to a place of remembrance. Artists are invited to consider the initial place where they are inseparable and connected to life force, to source, to a place of safety and belonging. Or perhaps the lack thereof. "You are becoming and doing so in a visceral, feeling-based way, acquiring knowledge precognition. Consider how we keep returning to that feeling-place - a thread back to then in the here and now – a collapse of space, time and matter into non-separation. As artists we can tap into this entangled web through creative energy that grants us access to the subconscious. In this sense, the artists studio could be a womb, a space created to access source from which new ideas and work is birthed: an unfolding and unraveling process, walking forwards and backwards at the same time. Lines from “past, present, future threading and bleeding into each other” (Karen Barad). This exhibition includes interdiciplinary work from artist-mothers and process-based artists whose work engages the senses in a visceral way to serve as a remembrance of in utero spaces." 

Click on artists' links for full catalogue of works:

Emma Aspeling  |  Grace Cross  |  Laurinda Belcher  |  Leigh Tuckniss  |  Mia Thom  |  Simone Marinus  |  Sonya Rademeyer  |  Amy Ayanda

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